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Overview of Noble Gold

Noble Gold was started in 2016. This makes them the youngest company we’ve revued on this site.  Although they have one of the highest ratings on the BBB with only 3 complaints and a 4.98/5.0 average stars rating, there are only 44 reviews or so to go off of.

Noble Gold Products

    • Gold and silver IRA
    • Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Coins
    • Rare Coins

Should you decide to take physical posession of your metals, they can be arranged to be shipped to you discreetly and fully insured. Your identity and purchase remain private.

If you decide to have them stored in a secured location, Noble Gold has designated two discreet locations, one in the U.S. and another in Canada.

You can always collect your metals, either in part or in whole, anytime you want to.

Investment Minimums and Fees

Minimum Purchase Requirement: $20,000
Annual Fee: $80 for Gold, $225 for Silver
Annual Storage Fee (in Texas): $150 for Gold, $250 for Silver

Pro vs. Con List for Noble Gold


      • Segregated storage of your assets, so your investment is separate from other investors’ assets in the facility.
      • Sells to international buyers, but storage is in the U.S. or Canada.
      • Online library available to learn more about precious metals and investment news.


      • Website is outdated and some links (and information) are not available. Finding information is difficult and frustrating.
      • Relatively new company and does not have a proven record compared to other leading companies.

How is Noble Gold Different from Other Gold IRA Companies?

The company takes pride in their segregated storage practices where your metals are stored separately from other investor’s assets in a secured vault.  You can keep track of your assets online or schedule a visit to see them in person.

Although they do not ship internationally beyond Canada, their products are available for purchase by international buyers. The assets, however, must be stored in either the U.S. or the Canada facilities.

Why We Like Noble Gold

    • Segregated Storage of your Metals Assets.
    • Buyback Commitment to ensure you can sell your metals in the event you decide to sell. They will do their best to help you liquidate.
    • Big Selection of Precious Metals are available for purhcase, such as gold, silver, and platinum, palladium in coins and bars.

Final Thoughts

Noble gold is a relatively new company in the gold investment niche, but they’ve garnered some great reviews, 5-star ratings, and have received very little complaints filed against them through the BBB. 

Their low minimum investment requirement makes them an attractive option compared to other companies that require a much larger minimum deposit to open a metals IRA account.  New investors as well as those not looking to put down a large sum may see this as a more viable option when looking to start a metals IRA investment.

The company also claim to charge a flat fee on transactions, although the fees are not very clearly stated on the website.  The information is rather buried in their large volume of online educational material.

We’d like to see the company clean up their website a bit and make it more navigable with intuitive link structure.  This would make finding information easier and help keep prospects better informed.

If you’re considering Noble Gold as a gold investment option, give them a call first. This may be a quicker way to get answers than looking through their website.  That being said, we can’t find much fault with the company besides an outdated website.

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