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Overview of Birch Gold

Birch Gold was started in 2003, making them one of the oldest and most established precious metals IRA companies around. They have 11 BBB complaints filed against them (athough resolved), but you have to remember that they’ve been in business for almost 20 years.

They pride themselves in helping their clients and prospects learn more about precious metals investment and the impact of that on the diversification of wealth.  Their website is packed full of resources and tools to help investors get educated in their investment options.

Birch Gold Products

    • Precious Metals IRA (gold, silver, platinum, palladium)
    • Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium in various forms

Their offering is one of the most comprehensive amongst their competitors, and they will help you navigate the pros and cons of each investment option.


Investment Minimums and Fees

Minimum Purchase Requirement: $10,000
Setup Fee: $50
Wire Transfer: $30
Annual Storage Fee: $100
Annual Management Fee: $100

Pro vs. Con List for Birch Gold


      • Low minimum investment of $10,000.
      • Will buy back metals you bought from them should you decide to liquidate and at zero additional charge.
      • Established reputation as a leader in precious metals IRA company, being one of the oldest precious metals IRA companies around.
      • Choice of Custodian is up to the client.  Although they primarily work with Equity Trust, they will work with any custodian of their client’s choosing.


      • U.S. only.  They do not serve international clients.
      • Some fees are not explicitly published on their website.

How is Birch Gold Different from Other Gold IRA Companies?

Their low minimum investment requirement makes them stand out from some of their competitors. 

They’re pretty flexible when it comes to custodian of your precious metals. They primarily work with Equity Trust, but they are open to working with any custodian their clients choose.  A discussion with one of their Precious Metals Specialists will help you navigate the choices.

This statement on their website earned them some trust points with us:

“Birch Gold Group will buy back any metals that we have sold to our customers, at zero additional charge.”

Some of their competitors say that they have a buyback program where they will “help” you liquidate.  Them buying back what they sold is not guaranteed, but Birch made the statement that they will actually buy back what they sold you is something quite distinguishing.

Why We Like Birch Gold Group

    • Buyback commitment states that they will buy back any metals they sold to their clients at no additional charge..
    • Low minimum investment requirement makes them an easy entry point for any new investors or those who are looking to start with a smaller amount.  Birch Gold’s minimum investment requirement is 10k whereas most other competitors are way above that.
    • Huge Variety of  Selections of Precious Metals, including gold, silver, and platinum, palladium in various forms.

Final Thoughts

Birch Gold is one of those old school companies that come across as a straight shooter.  They’re dedicated to educating their client to empower them to make better decisions regarding their precious metals investment options.  Their website is a library on its own with a plethora of resources and tools for beginner and avid investors to get schooled on precious metals choices.

They are one of our top choices in precious metals investment company, second only to Augusta Precious Metals only because APM has zero BBB complaints filed against them.

But in the end, you are responsible for making your own choices, so do your own research, read reviews, talk to their Precious Metals Specialists to get a feel on the company before making a decision.  We’re only expressing our understanding based on our experience and no one else’s.

Happy and Safe Investing!

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